Censorship and Liberalism

Bromley.Censorship and Liberalism

The Censorship Mill

On heavily censored social media sites, namely Twitter and Facebook, leftists abound. Liberals, cultural Marxists, pedophiles, Bolsheviks and communists, feminists, run of the mill democrats; the lot of them run amok on these sites. On the other hand, anyone even vaguely leaning towards the right half of the Overton Window is at the mercy of “the algorithm”, shadowbanning, as well as more overt punitive action at the hands of dyed in the hair feminists who “moderate” content.

The Salt of the Earth

On such platforms, the far right, salt of the Earth conservatives, and even a few moderates with some shred of critical thinking who sometimes get caught in the crossfire, struggle to continue their existence on these platforms. Usually with creative AI-dodging techniques, extensive use of dog whistles, and other laborious means of evading the inevitable ban hammer for one more day.

However, it does not take a particularly astute observer to note that the opposite is not the case: On lightly moderated and uncensored platforms, there is nary a leftist user to be found. This of course is in spite of the fact they are in no danger of being censored or banned.

Censorship and Liberalism

The Left Wants to be Right

Why is this? At the philosophical, conceptual level, it is often argued that leftist ideas cannot exist in the presence of those on the right.

As light drives out the darkness, so too are the merits of liberalism torn asunder when juxtaposed to the ideals of the far right. Liberals who dare venture into these unregulated forums quickly find their ideas are unable to stand on their own merits against any rational thought. This is an accurate, yet incomplete explanation. The reality that this assertion scratches the surface of is much more profound.

Righteousness Hard-Coded into Godly People

Going further than this, I posit that right wing ideas are hard-coded into our very being. Some are a reflection of the Image of God in which we are made, and others are based upon the sin nature humanity has been cursed with. But all right wing ideas stem from the essence of who we are. Capitalism, racial prejudice, stereotypes, fascism, gender roles, all can be explained by this paradigm.

Only in decadent societies can the facade of gender equity be maintained. When the chips are down, and times are rough, everyone instinctively conforms to traditional gender roles. Why? Because it is our nature. It is the default position.

Racism or Tribalism?

In the absence of personal familiarity, people tend to associate with those of their own race. Why? It is human instinct to be wary of those who are different than oneself. To override that instinct requires extensive cultural overhead. Multiculturalism has to be taught.

Add-Value Society

Capitalism is a simple, basal implementation of the human instinct to ensure continued survival and thriving of one’s kith and kin. Socialist economic systems are only able override this natural inclination with laws and policy backed by threat of violence.

We do not face a battle of right versus left. It is the natural realm versus an unholy construct.

by: Phil Bromley

This post appeared originally on Gab.

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  1. I wearied of the constant need to evade the censorship….dug deeper into research…tried educating people face to face…but ended standing alone within my own circle…

    1. This is why epik.com and terrahost.com are providing tools to protect and empower our customers digitally – under the leadership of a devout Christian.

  2. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
    John 15:11

  3. Sorta like the old adage: if ya don’t work, ya don’t eat. Life itself tends to winnow out the chaff in the face of the necessity for survival.

    1. And when they don’t work, eat, and gov doesn’t come to the rescue with money taken from those who work, they steal it by destroying and murdering.
      Gen 3.1

  4. Some hard truths that many, even on the “neutral” side, find hard to accept.