How to Pray

Prayer is not about stoically repeating words. It’s about communion with God.

God doesn’t want religion for religion’s sake. He yearns for a relationship with you and you would want to talk to God accordingly.

Imagine if you would, you had a son. And your child looks up to you. But every time your little one wants to talk to you, he repeats the same-old learned phrases to you, over and over again, day in, day out. Would that annoy you? Would you not think there is something wrong with the relationship between the two of you? Would you not consider the way your son sees you is not what you really are for him?

How then must our heavenly Father feel when we pray to Him with learned phrases, seldomly deviating, most of the time wanting, and babbling away – doing it for the sake of prayer and not for deepening the bond between you and Him?

That said, there is a structure in prayer we ought to follow.

Pray to our Heavenly Father. Close the prayer with in the name of Jesus, because Jesus is our advocate before the Father. Hence, if you deny Him before His Father, He will deny you before Him.

Any questions? Just ask…

How to Pray

Jesus tells us how to pray, what elements should be in our prayers.

Lord’s Prayer reference: Matthew 6:9-13

Another big element of prayer is to pray for others – that His will and nobody else’s will be done. Even praying for our enemies. Matthew 5:44. This is not to embolden or support the actions of your and God’s enemies, but for their salvation. Because if they turn from their wicked ways, their evil is neutralized. I know, this may be one of the hardest things to do, but it is God’s command.

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