Long before I became a Christian, the LORD has saved me multiple times from injury and death. By His wonderful and mostly unseen providence, He spared my life.

One sunny afternoon, I was driving back from a farm house on a quiet country road in Europe. It was a B-road. I was paying little attention to the road. It was empty after all.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a 38t rig appeared in front of me. I had inadvertently drifted toward the wrong side of the road and had already crossed the middle line. With a reflex, I yanked the steering wheel hard right to avoid the seemingly unavoidable head-on collision. My body flashed hot and cold, and in a split second, my life replayed in mesmerising details all experiences I have ever had until that moment of my life. By God’s grace and miracle, I did not collide with the big rig or with the trees lining the right side of the road.

As the truck passed, it shook my vehicle violently. I breathed deeply, and slowed down to 30 mph. I thought of angels saving me that early afternoon, but the terror stood with me for many hours after.

It was only after I confessed my life to Jesus that I thanked the LORD for saving me. How many times has He saved me that I am not aware off?

Glory be to God forever and ever. Amen.

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